African Coding Network Hacktoberfest

When & where

  • When:
    • Saturday October 10, 2020
    • 9:00am to 9:00pm UTC+02
  • Where:

What is the ACN?

The African Coding Network is an Open Source community of coding schools and industry partners across Africa training the next generation of junior developers.

Our Ed Tech Platform

We've developed open source tools to enable existing coding schools to improve their quality of training while reducing their cost to deliver. As part of Hacktoberfest, we will be working on our simulated agile learning environment creating and improving design, content, curriculum and features. We've curated an issue list to make it simple to participate, no matter your skills level. Everyone is welcome!

Join us!

Join the official ACN open-source launch event as we take you through our theory of change and into the details of the ACN EdTech platform, TILDE, and show how to get involved.