Fun Events

Thursday evening: DJ set by Arron Darsey

Closing Thursday we’ll be streaming music from A11 radio, a DJ set by Arron Darsey. Come hang out and chill with your favourite PyConZA crew on Discord while you kick your feet back and listen to music after the talks.

The set will be broadcast from A11 Radio from around 16:45. We'll announce the details in Discord at the end of Thursday's talks.

Thursday evening, 5pm: PyConZA Pub Quiz - nothing programming related at all

There will be a pub quiz. There will be snacks! There will be prizes (mostly the warm glow of having accumulated more general knowledge than others)!

Starting at 17:00 and running until about 18:30.

Friday evening: Music by Pietro Baptiste

The conference closes on Friday night with international guest musicians Pietro Baptiste from Brazil. They'll be steaming a live set of their music made with Python and FoxDot.

The set will be streamed live via PyConZA's YouTube channel. We'll announce the details in Discord at the end of Friday's talks.