The sprints are taking place in Discord on Saturday and Sunday (10 & 11 October) on the same Discord server we're using for the main conference.

If you'd like to advertise a sprint topic, contact the organizers in #helpdesk and let them know what the topic is, who the coordinator will be, and which of the days the coordinator will be present on (i.e. Saturday, Sunday or both).

You don't need a ticket to attend the sprints -- we'll open up the relevant channels on Discord on Saturday morning for anyone who wants to join the sprints.

Sprint Topics

  • Wafer
    • We'll be trying to improve wafer, the conference management software we use with the lessons learnt from this year.
  • HPy
    • Depending on who shows up, there'll be introductions to what HPy is and why it's being built, and perhaps working on some of the many many pieces that still need to be written.

If you'd like to bring your own sprint topic, contact the organizers in #helpdesk on Discord or email team@za.pycon.org.

Worked on during the sprints

  • Wafer
    • Add url field to ical export (#553)
    • Rework Travis test matrix (#554)
    • Update required Django version (#555)
    • Update required popper version (#557, #556/pull/556))
    • Add a JSON schedule export for video tools (#558, #450)
  • PyConZA Wafer funding extension
    • Fix numerous typos in README (#1)
  • HPy
    • Add dev requirements to setup.py (#95)
    • Fix ssize_t test for clang on mac OS (#96)
    • Fix strcpy overflow and uninitialized bool in member test (#97)
    • Add mac OS test run to Azure pipeline (#98)