Kirk Kaiser is team lead for Technical Evangelism at Datadog, and the author of the book, Make Art with Python.

Before focusing on technical evangelism, he mostly built web applications and APIs, scaling a few to millions of users.

Most notably, he was the lead backend developer at Triller, scaling to the app from zero to millions of users, and handling the traffic from the top 100 iOS and Android stores at the same time.

Before Triller, he wrote the backend for a social experiment app called "Somebody" (also in the Top 100 free apps for the App Store), won an award for a site built for GE, helped design an IoT lighting control system, and ran the infrastructure for a large eCommerce company.

Accepted Talks:

Making Art with Python

Is code a creative medium, or a tool for accomplishing business objectives?

In this talk, we'll explore code as a creative medium, and see how code can be used as a way to play with new ideas.

We'll showcase some Python libraries which can help us: build new robots, play music, detect features of our faces, break glass, and more.

We'll see why Python is still the best language if you want to be able to play with ideas via code, and how this play can help you become a better programmer in the process.