Registering on Discord

Registration opens at 10am on 6 October -- you’re welcome to register any time from then!

  • Click on this Discord invitation link: https://discord.gg/jMKE4hd.

  • Register by typing !register BARCODE in reply to the direct message our registration bot will have sent you. Replace the word “BARCODE” with the barcode from your ticket.

This will assign you the attendee role and allow you to see all the Discord channels. Once you can see the conference channels, you are registered!

Example ticket showing where to find your barcode. PyConZA 2020 Discord Direct Message with Regbot.

A tour of the PyConZA Discord

Discord is divided into groups of channels (categories) as follows:


  • The #welcome and #registration-desk registration channels are here.
  • Once you've registered on Discord you can safely mute or ignore these for the rest of the conference.

PyConZA 2020

  • These are the more formal conference channels.
  • #announcements -- important announcements, such as the links to the talks for the day, will be made here.
  • #helpdesk -- if something is not working, this is where to ask for assistance.
  • #video-room-1 -- the official discussion area for things related to talks in the first track (Video Room 1).
  • #video-room-2 -- the official discussion area for things related to talks in the second track (Video Room 2).

PyConZA 2020 Hallway

  • These channels are the hallway track! They're ours to use as attendees and speakers to talk amongst ourselves.
  • We've created a few channels to use to start with, but if you would like another channel here, ask and we'll make one.

PyConZA 2020 Sprints

  • These are where the sprints will take place.
  • As an attendee you get early access to them -- feel free to discuss sprint topics and planning here.

Organizers & Speakers

  • These are coordination areas for organizers and speakers and are invisible to most attendees.