Session Chair Instructions


Starting the Video Room

Login to the correct BBB server (pycon-bbb-2 for Video Room 1, pycon-bbb-3 for Video Room 2)

Go to the Organisation menu.

Find the BBB org menu

Switch to the Sever Room list, and select Start from the room menu on the right.

Start the Room

BigBlueButton room setup

Choose the room settings menu on the left.

BBB settings menu

The room should be set with the following options locked: "Share Webcam" and "Share Microphone" under the "Lock viewers" options.

Lock settings

Ensure that the speakers for the session are around.

Once the speaker has joined, Use the "Make presenter" and "Unlock user" options on their user in the left hand pane to give them the required permissions.

Make Presenter

Unlock User

They will need to click the "Headphone" icon to connect their audio option.


Recording should be automatic. If the session isn't showing as recording, please contact the video team.

Running the talk

This is the usual session chair role:

  • Make any relevant announcements.
  • Introduce the speaker and hand over to them.
  • During the talk, keep an eye on chat for questions to ask afterwards.
  • Warn the speaker if they look to be running over time.
  • After the speaker has finished, thank the speaker and handle the Q & A section, bearing the time limit in mind.

Play applause

Select sound effect URL

  • Copy the link.
  • Play the sound effect link by sharing it as an external video.

Share sound effect as external video

Ending the session

At the end of the session (not end of the first talk), after all the questions for the last talk have been dealt with, choose "End Meeting" from the menu on the right.

End Meeting Menu

Confirm the meeting end.

Confirm End Meeting