Trio: Structured Concurrency for Python

Speaker: Jeremy Thurgood

Track: Other

Type: Talk

Room: Video Room 1

Time: Oct 09 (Fri): 12:15

Duration: 0:45

Concurrency has a reputation for being complicated and hard to get right, even in Python. Fortunately, by using the "structured concurrency" programming model, it's possible to avoid many of the pitfalls inherent in more traditional thread-based and callback-based models.

Trio is an async I/O framework that brings the benefits of structured concurrency to Python. Built from the ground up to use async/await natively, Trio makes it possible to write async software that is robust and easy to reason about.

In this talk I'll explain how Trio differs from its predecessors (such as Twisted and asyncio), show that it leads to simpler code with fewer bugs, and hopefully convince you to give it try.