I mostly grew up in Cape Town. I am married to an amazing woman, Danielle, and we have three children who are the bees' knees. I started programming when I was 5/6 and enjoyed doing maths and computer olympiads when I was at school. I have played French cricket on four continents (but not professionally). I play the piano. I read about films more than watch them. I am a passionate Christian, an amateur runner, and an unlicensed guitar player. I enjoy leading people and building good software.

Accepted Talks:

Bytes of Pi

This is a talk on how to calculate Pi. It was originally done for bright high school maths students - so it is also an example of an approach to interesting such students in a programming career. It includes a brief tour of the algorithm development behind calculating Pi to many decimal places, and an example of making a functioning web page that does this. And a mug. All with an iPython notebook to illustrate things along the way.